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Friday, March 21, 2014

Ways to Help with Weight Loss Plateau

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Are you stuck in a rut with your health/weight loss journey? Are you feeling like you have seen some improvements in weight loss but now its stopped and you feel like all your hard work is not helping? You may be in a plateau, a weight loss plateau that is. They are very common and happen to many people while going along in their journey to achieve their health goals. A plateau is a discouraging time when your weight loss slows down or stops altogether because your body has adapted to the exercise and form of healthy eating you have been doing. There are many reasons this can happen and I'm going to give you a few tips on how to over come your weight loss plateau.  

Re-evaluate your Incoming Calories-

Weight loss happens by consuming fewer calories than your body is expending. Make sure you are not eating to many calories for your body at its new weight. Since you have lost some weight during your journey make sure you have re configured your needed calories and are consuming enough for your current weight and not your starting weight. On the other hand make sure you are not starving yourself and making your body retain fat. If you are not getting enough calories to sustain your bodies needs then your metabolism will drop drastically and your body will store everything you eat as a fat. Our bodies adapt to the changes we place them under and in this case if your getting to few calories then your body will store everything being afraid you wont feed it again soon.

Take Control of Forgotten Calories-

Most the time people will hit a plateau because of those forgotten calories that they ate. I'm talking about little snacks that we munch on in the car or that soda we drank at lunch or even that bigger sized portion of dinner we ate out. Calories that you forget you have eaten that are hurting your weight loss goals. The best way to help get yourself back on track with this is to keep a food journal. This way you can write down everything you ate that day and keep track of those little calories that are sneaking into our diet that we are not even being aware of.

Make a Change with your Workout Routine-

Like I said before our bodies adapt to the lifestyle we are living and the demands we place upon it. Our muscles get familiar to the workouts we perform and this is why you stop seeing results. In order to over come this you have to either increase your intensity, duration, or change the type of exercise you are performing.  If you are used to walking everyday then try increasing the pace or doing intervals to increase your heart rate. Try doing the elliptical or bike instead of walking. If you are doing strength training try increasing your weight and performing new exercises. This will help increase your muscle mass which will in turn make you burn more calories.

Remember Why you Started this Journey-

Reassess your goals and reasons why you started this healthy living lifestyle. Going through a plateau is frustrating and can be difficult but it also gives you the opportunity to reevaluate your goals and desires to live a healthy lifestyle. Re adjust your approach to weight loss and continue to work at it each day and not to give up. Write up your game plan and goals and put them on your mirror so you can see them each morning to help you stay on track and get you through this plateau.

If you are going through a plateau right now remember that they happen to everyone and you can work to get through it. Just remember these tips and try reassessing your healthy living goals. Good luck and let me know if you need any more help or tips.


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