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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Food Prep: Eating Healthy and Saving Time

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Happy Sunday Everyone! So one thing I like to do over the weekend besides spending time with my family is Food Prep. I am not a major over the top food prep-er but I do do a few things that help my busy life run smoother and save me lots of time. I know one of the complaints people say about eating healthy and creating meals from scratch is that it takes to much time. People think it is easier to open a box of already-made pasta or some form of processed food then it is to make a healthy meal. Which sometimes it can be but with these helpful tips eating healthy can be a breeze.

At the start of every month I buy 2 big packages of boneless skinless chicken breasts. (The biggest they have at the store). I also buy from Costco their package of lean Ground Turkey. (It comes with 4 individual packages to make one great big one.)

 I first start cooking all the ground turkey in a skillet on my stove top. I add whatever seasoning to it that I would like and let it cook.

While that is cooking I start cutting up all the chicken into bite sized pieces and place them aside to cook next.

Once the ground turkey is all cooked I place it all into a big bowel and set aside. I hurry and clean my skillets and then starting cooking all the chicken. Add whatever seasonings you would like and cook until no longer pink.

 While the chicken is cooking I divide the ground turkey into portions of how much I would use for each meal. I have a Food Savor that vacuum seals the food but you can also just use the big Ziploc bags meant for the freezer to store your turkey in. After the chicken is done cooking I do the same, divide and then seal it up. By the end of this I have 6 bags of ground turkey and 8 bags of chicken. Now throughout the month I can just grab one of these bags out of the freezer and hurry and make a meal from it. It saves me a ton of time.

The next thing I do is buy, wash, and divide all my fresh fruit up into Tupperware and place them into my fridge so we always have fresh fruit on hand ready to go. If it is a type of fruit that you eat the skin (berries, apples, gapes etc.) I wash/let them soak in a vinegar water mixture 4/1 ratio water/vinegar for about 10 min each.

The vinegar helps clean the fruit and also helps preserve them to last longer I have noticed. Once they are washed I let them dry completely, especially the berries so there is no moisture on them when sealed and put into the fridge.

A few other things I do at the start of the month is make my homemade granola, energy balls, (recipes already given in previous blog posts) and pancakes. I use the granola a lot and my husband takes it with him to work as breakfast. Energy balls are great snacks and post workout meals. My daughter loves pancakes and could eat them all the time. I hate making them everyday and don't want to give her store bought preservative filled ones. So I make a huge batch once a month and put the rest in the freezer. Then I can just grab one out and put it in the toaster whenever she wants one.

This all sounds like a lot of work but really it is not. The amount of time I save during the weeks to come because of doing all this is is so worth it. Plus my family always has fresh and yummy food at hand.

What type of food prep do you do to make your life easier? I would love to hear more ideas I can add to my list. :)


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