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Friday, March 7, 2014

8 Exercises for Sexy Summer Legs

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We all want those fit lean legs especially when summer is just around the corner. But don't worry here are 8 Exercises that will help tighten up your buns and thin your thighs.

1. Weighted Squats: 20 reps

Place a weight that will challenge you upon the top of your back right under your neck and perform a deep squat. Remember to keep your feet shoulder width apart and to not let your knees go over your toes. Keep your shoulders down and torso upright and refrain from dipping forward. Try and squat down as far as you can (think about sitting down in a low chair).

2.  Jump Switch Lunges: 20 on each side for a total of 40 reps

Jump your right leg forward and land in a lunge position. Keep both your hips facing forward and make sure your feet are forward and not turned out. Engage your core and keep your torso stable and not moving. Repeat with your left leg to keep the lunges moving and a fluid pace.

3. Weighted Pogo Right and Left legs: 20 reps on each leg 

Stand on one leg with a weight in the hand that is opposite of your standing leg. Do a squat on the one leg that leads into a jump off the ground. When you squat your arm with the weight is down by your leg and moves pressed above your head when you jump. Remember to have good form with your knee not going over your toes, your hips and foot pointing forward and your upper body staying still. Do 20 reps on one side before switching to the other.

4. Weighted Step Ups: 20 reps on each leg 

Place a Weight on top of your back right under your neck. Step up onto a bench or some other surface with your right leg then bring your left leg up next to it. Step back down off the bench with your right leg starting and have your left leg follow. Perform 20 reps starting with the right leg before moving onto the left leg starting. Remember to your shoulders back and down and to have your upper body still.

For the next 4 exercises you will perform all 4 completely through on your right side first and then go back and do all 4 again on your left side. You will do each exercise for a full 1 minute before moving onto the next. You will be on the ground on your hand and knees for all of these next exercises.

5. Straight leg Lift: 1 minute on each side

While on your hands and knees lift your one working leg back behind you and then bring it tucked back into your chest. Keep repeating this movement for the full minute. Never let your working leg touch the ground. Keep the rest of your body stable with your back straight and spine in line.

6. L shaped Leg lift and Lower: 1 minute on each side

 While on your hands and knees lift your working leg up behind you to an L shape. Then bring it back down and tucked into your chest. Keep repeating the motion and never let your working leg touch the ground during the full minute. Remember to keep the rest of your body still and under control.

7. Straight leg Cross Over: 1 minute on each side

 While on your hands and knees lift your working leg straight out from behind you. Lower it back down and cross it over to the opposite side of your body. Don't let your leg touch the ground but keep it hovering and then lift it back up again. Keep repeating this movement until the minute is up.

8. Bent leg press to the ceiling 

While on your hands and knees lift your working leg up behind you into an L shape. Keep the leg there and perform slight pulses up and down. Remember to focus on squeezing your bum and keeping it tight will doing this. (helpful tip: think there is a tray of drinks on your foot during the pulses. Keep the foot flat and your leg steady in the L shape).

By the end of this workout your legs and bum should be on fire. If not repeat the whole thing another time through. Also if using weight is to hard during the weighted exercises then leave it out. Adding the weight just makes the movements that much harder. Good luck on working those legs for the summer and let me know how you like this workout.

- Shauna

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