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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Finding Time to Run

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We have been asked by Ragnar Relay Series to share tips and ideas on how to find time to run. All three of us healthy momma's have ran races including marathons, half marathons, and many 5K's and 10K's. All of us, like all of you, are busy in our own ways and it is not always easy to find time to train, so how have we done it? Here are 5 ideas to help you make time in your life.

1. Set a specific time each day:

Make running a priority in your life and schedule a time to fit it into your day. One of our Instagram followers, '@HealthyyouHappyyou said, "I schedule it into my day like an appointment or meeting I can't miss. Just like I wouldn't miss an appointment because I'd have to pay for it, and I wouldn't miss a meeting because my boss would not be okay with it, I don't miss exercising because my body, mind, and soul need it!" Sit down at the start of each week and schedule time to run. It may be on the treadmill while your kids are asleep, during a study break, or you may have to pack clothes with you so you can go straight from work. It may be even late at night after you have gotten everything else done. For many of us, the best time to get in a good run is first thing in the morning before you do anything else.  "Just set that little alarm of yours before the world is awake....when it goes and you're tired, I always think, I'll be mad if I don't just get up and go. That gets me right up!" - Jenni Choque. No matter when it is, schedule in the time so you can go for a run to release stress and forget any problems that may be on your mind.

2.  Make it fun:

Running is great and has so many benefits, but it can get redundant doing the same thing all the time. Try to change it up to make it more fun and enjoyable so you will want to make time for it. Find fun, upbeat songs that will motivate you and push you harder. Find different interval workouts that will make your running routine different and more challenging each time. If you are running outside, take a different route to change up your scenery. Always be finding ways to make your runs more fun so you will make it a priority! As one of our readers, Jake Moore stated, "Make it fun. The more fun you have, the more you will want to do it."

3. Do increments throughout the day:

Some days, getting a full 30 minute workout in can be a challenge. On those days, try doing multiple smaller increments instead. Doing three 10 minute increments throughout the day still counts as 30 minutes of running! There are many opportunities to get short runs in throughout the day. If you are going to the park with your kids, run there and back, don't walk. One of our followers on twitter had a great suggestion. She said, "I always make time even if it means {running} half mile loops on the driveway." -Beth House.  Run on your treadmill while your kids are eating breakfast, lunch, and a snack, or do half of your run in the morning before work and the other half in the evening. Do not tell yourself that you do not have time to run. Instead, change your mindset and decide you will make time to run instead of trying to find time to run.

4. Have a support system:

Setting up certain times with a running buddy or telling a family member or close friend that you are running at a certain time each day will hold you accountable. This will make you less likely to break your commitment. It is also fun to create a running group with people in your area so you can help motivate and push each other to go harder. You will be surprised at how many people will be interested in joining you!  Our Instagram follower, Nicole Williams, has a great support system. She said, "I agree it's better to have a workout buddy. If I can't find one, I call my sister in California and she goes running at the same time and we talk while we run." If you have kids, joining a gym that has a good daycare can be a lifesaver when it comes to training for races. If that is not an option, take your kids with you! Push them in a jogging stroller or have them ride their bikes next to you. Our reader, Melissa Nelsen Watson said, "With little ones, I go to the park often and run while they play. Also,  finding a friend to exercise with helps a lot too. Recently I've been training for a 5k with a friend so we babysit for 20-30 minutes at each others house while the other goes running." 

5. Invest in exercise equipment:

Getting your own exercise equipment is a worth while investment if you are unable to find time away from home to run. Buy a jogging stroller so you can take your kids with you. There is a wide variety of jogging strollers out there, but we really like the BOB Ironman stroller. If you have the space, invest in a good treadmill. Treadmills are great when you are unable to get out to run. Our reader, Haylie Nowell said, "While {my little boy} eats and watches a movie, I run on my treadmill and do my other workouts." Another thing to make sure you invest your money in is good running shoes. Go to a running store and have them help find you a shoe that works well with your foot and your running needs. No one wants to run when their feet hurt from improper shoes. 

As our twitter follower, @shemomfit said, "It takes 5 minutes to brush your teeth, 10 minutes to shower, and 30 minutes to log a few miles. Make it a priority." Running is such a major part of our lives and we want our followers to know the importance of staying healthy and exercising. We hope these tips help you make time to exercise. We know that daily exercise will help you get rid of stress and feel like a better, more confident you.

Are you training for any races right now? If so, what?

-Three Healthy Momma's
Shauna, McKell, and Jaeme


  1. Nice job Mommas! I agree with all of your points.
    I learned to start scheduling appts etc. a little later in the morning instead of first thing so I would have time to run first. It worked great for me. Running with a buddy is just plain fun, so that helps too!
    I love your blog. Keep the great tips, advice and recipes coming!

    1. Once you start enjoying running it definitely takes priority over getting ready for the day early in the morning haha! I love being your running buddy and can't wait until I can be again!! Thanks for supporting us!